Most of Us are Refusing To Let Summer Go This Year

Traditionally, Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer but that’s officially canceled. According to a new study, four out of five Americans don't even believe summer is over on the actual Autumnal Equinox. When it comes to closing out the season, it’s not about calendars. It’s all about activities.

The number one way people send off summer in the U.S. is with a barbecue. And until that final burger hits their mouth, they’re holding on. Besides BBQs, Americans also like taking one last trip to the beach or going on vacation to close out summer. But for the overwhelming majority of us, the most important thing is to see family and friends before the holiday season starts.

There’s also a good amount of the country that’s in full denial that summer is over. In fact, 54% say they plan on staying in summer mode long into the pumpkin spice season. And they’re planning on hosting birthday parties and movie nights at their place so expect some invites soon.

Source:Study Finds

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