People Reveal The Wedding Traditions That Need To Be Retired

While some folks strive to make their weddings different and unique, many will feature the same tried and true traditions, but it sounds like folks have had enough of some of those. 

BuzzFeed asked their readers to share what wedding traditions should be retired for good, and folks had some definite opinions. 

Wedding traditions folks want retired include:

  • "I think we should retire the father walking the bride down the aisle and handing her over to the next 'owner' like a prize cow.”
  • "Definitely the bouquet toss. Most single women spend the entire reception being asked when they will get married. The last thing we need is to be 'singled out' in front of everyone like that. It's awkward and embarrassing."
  • "Wedding favors should be retired. People either don't even take them, take them and throw them away, or stick them in a closet somewhere and donate to Goodwill."
  • "Having a wedding party. Playing a social hierarchy game of selection for the 'privilege' of paying for an uncomfortable outfit and being someone's unpaid assistant is outdated. I didn't have a wedding party, and I would never be in one again either!"
  • "People who smash the cake on each other's faces. It just smacks of forced's the worst."
  • "The white dress. It has no meaning. Wear whatever color you look best in!"
  • "Brides having to have a maid of honor and grooms having a best man. Why can't a bride have a 'man of honor' and a groom have a 'best woman?'"
  • "I don't know how it started, but I don't like the utter entitlement that some brides have that it's their day, and that everyone should bow down to their every instruction and request, no matter how ludicrous it is!"
  • "The father/daughter and mother/son dances, for sure. They feel misogynistic and patriarchal to me.”
  • “Having the bride's family pay for everything."


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