29 Million People Will Be Traveling This Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend kicks off tomorrow, and for many people that means they’ll be heading out on some sort of getaway.

A new ValuePenguin survey finds:

  • 20% of Americans are planning to travel for Labor Day.
  • That translates to about 51 million Americans.
  • But the coronavirus does still have people worried with 11%, or 29 million, people canceling plans, or having plans canceled, due to Delta variant concerns.
  • 16% of people made no travel plans for Labor Day due to COVID concerns. 
  • 38% of all travelers will be headed to another state for Labor Day.
  • Florida is the top travel destination, with 12% of travelers headed to the Sunshine State.
  • Other popular destinations include:
    • California (8%)
    • New York (8%)

Now for many the pandemic is still a big concern, but whether they’ll take any precautions on their travel is another story.

  • 40% of people say they will mask up both indoors and outdoors during their trip.
  • 27% plan to do so indoors.
  • 17% will do so only when required
  • 17% have no plans to mask up at all. 


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