We Haven’t Had a Day To Relax In More Than Three Months

If you’re counting down the minutes until Labor Day weekend, you’re not the only one! America needs a break, and we need one bad. A new survey has found a third of the U.S. says they haven’t had a day to relax alone in more than three months.

  • Between work, family, and the global pandemic we’ve all been a bit too busy for our favorite forms of self-care. The study found that Americans' top three favorite ways to relax are listening to music, taking bubble baths, and napping, in that order. And after the year we had we might need to nap in a bubble bath for a full month to fully recover.
  • What is holding us back from chilling out? It all comes down to time. The survey found that 65% would like to spend more time on self-care but feel like they don’t have the downtime to make it work. Not to mention that even when we do have free time, we’re too exhausted to do anything.

The researchers found the average American feels overwhelmingly busy or tired at least three days a week.Tough to imagine a little yoga is going to fix that...

Source:The Sun

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