Things That Make People Irrationally Angry

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take much for people to get angry these days. Sometimes even just the smallest thing somebody does can drive you crazy, and now folks are sharing.

Bored Panda has gathered together a list of some of the things that make people irrationally mad, and we bet a lot of people can relate.

Such fury-inducing behavior includes:

  • “People talking on their phone in public or break room at work on speakerphone.”
  • “When a group of people walk next to each other on a sidewalk taking all of it up and not moving out of the way when you approach. I just started to walk into people.”
  • “Loud chewing noises, especially if you're an open-mouthed chewer, double especially if you're also a lip smacker.”
  • "People who don’t put shopping carts back properly."
  • “People who say freedom of speech as an excuse for being an a-hole. Yes you are allowed to say it but you don’t have to.”
  • “When people litter out of their car windows. Especially cigarette butts.”
  • “People who enter the bus/train/whatever without letting other people out first. I get it, you don't want to miss your ride, but it won't leave while others still exit.”
  • “People not using their turn signals. Absolutely enraged.”
  • “People with trolleys (shopping carts) chatting in the middle of the aisle while blocking it for everybody else.”
  • “People snapping at me to get my attention. Like literally, when people snap in my face as if I'm a dog or something just makes me so mad.” 

Source:Bored Panda

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