Most Households Still Have Men & Women Chores

While these days there are few jobs out there that are strictly for men or strictly for women, when it comes to chores, it seems things still basically maintain gender lines.

A new survey commissioned by Indesit finds:

  • 60% of men and women say thy have “set” chores that are their responsibility in the home.
  • That’s even though 74% of people think it’s outdated to have “pink and blue jobs” around the house, meaning some only the women do, and some only the men do.
  • Not surprising, typical female chores include:
    • Cooking
    • Dusting
    • Vacuuming
  • While typical male chores include:
    • Washing the car
    • Unclogging drains
    • Replacing light bulbs
  • Men are more likely to be mowing the lawn, but that’s a little more evenly split, with the men taking that gig in about 54% of households. 
  • This probably isn’t shocking to hear, but 74% of women say they do most of the housework in their household.
  • Only 35% of men say the same.
  • 25% of men admit their female partner does most of the chores.
  • The survey notes that women are also likely to think about their chores “a lot” more than men.
  • And men and women are very different in how they go about their chores as well.
  • 62% of women think ahead about what needs to gt done, and 58% aren’t able to relax until they are finished.
  • Meanwhile, 49% of men don’t usually take care of their jobs unless they can visibly see they need to get done. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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