Flirting Techniques To Attract Dates

Want to up your flirting game? Amy Nobile can help. She’s a dating coach and founder of Love, Amy, a dating app-focused matchmaking service, where she works one-on-one with singles to help them find quality matches and meaningful relationships on dating apps. And she teaches clients how to flirt on those dating apps, which she says is the hardest part for them.

But you don’t have to pay the $5-thousand this pro charges for three months of coaching, she’s sharing some of her secrets to success here.

  • So what does fruitful flirting entail? According to Nobile, it’s more about your attitude than what you’re actually talking about.
  • She explains that good flirting includes playfulness and is characterized by “warmth.”
  • What to avoid in flirting? The old school idea that flirting means putting on a show or being inauthentic.
  • “Connecting on a deep level is the new flirting - energy, vibing, all that stuff,” the dating expert explains.

Once her clients are past the flirting stage and are ready for the first date,Nobile advises them the best way to do it:

  • She says the first in-person date should only happen after you’ve talked on the phone for a few minutes.
  • When you meet up, keep it to 30 minutes. Grab coffee or an early drink “so you can reflect on the experience after,” Nobile says.
  • She suggests maintaining eye contact and flashing a smile every once in a while to add extra warmth to a first date.
  • And if you do shell out the thousands to become one of her clients, Nobile makes herself available on-demand. “I’ve had clients call me from the bathroom during a date or before a date on a Saturday night,” she says. “I believe this is such an intimate thing.”


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