Sunlight Brings Out Romantic Passion

With Labor Day coming up, you’re probably trying to squeeze as much life out of the rest of summer as you can. Not that you needed any more motivation to soak up the sun, but a new study has found the sun’s rays do more than cook our skin. Apparently, It also turns us on.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have found that both men and women have an uptick in romantic passion after being exposed to ultraviolet radiation type B. We could have all saved thousands on dinners and booze and just gone tanning as a free romantic date.

But before you run outside without sunscreen for this sunlight-Viagra, the study also found some other interesting effects from sun exposure. Especially in men. Male subjects not only have higher amounts of testosterone, they also experienced an increase in aggression. Just try not to mix all these effects in the bedroom gentlemen… unless your partner is into that.

Source:Study Finds

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