Majority Of Us Wouldn’t Want To Re-Live This Summer

Summer is supposed to be fun, and some even think it’s the best time of the year, but according to a new survey, a lot of people didn’t enjoy this summer at all.

A new Hipcamp survey finds:

  • 80% of Americans describe this summer as “terrible” and believe we all need a “two-week do-over.”
  • In fact, 48% of Americans say the government should make extending the summer a high priority.
  • Many feel getting a two-week do-over is more important than…
    • Creating a new national park (19%)
    • Hosting the next Olympics (12.73%)
    • Building a new national monument (6.87%)
  • This summer was so bad for some that they’d rather do anything else than relive it, including:
    • Move back in with their parents (37%)
    • Have a root canal (27%)
    • Have mono during senior year (9.73%)
    • Be seasick for three months (9.4%)
  • As for which states felt they had the worst summer
  • South Carolina was the most likely to say they needed a summer do-over (95%), followed by:
    • Kentucky (91%)
    • Indiana (90%)
    • Missouri (90%)
    • Oklahoma (90%)

Source:AP News

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