People Share The Weirdest Dates They’ve Ever Been On

When it comes to dating, most singles are used to the typical dates like going to dinner, coffee, drinks, or maybe a movie. But not all dates go smoothly, and some can get pretty weird, and now folks are sharing.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the weirdest dates they’ve ever been on, and chances are many of those people did not return for another one.

Weird dates include:

  • “I ended up moving a piano on a date once. That was weird.”
  • “I went on a date where we climbed a freaking mountain. I was dressed up to go and eat dinner. His dumbass took me to climb a mountain in dress clothes and it was 105 degrees.”
  • “I had a date at a girl’s place who still lived with her ex. He was out for the evening but that was still weird.”
  • “Once I got asked out on a date. I went out with her just to take her on a date to her boyfriend's work. Fun times.”
  • “I went on a double date with my best friend and her date was my fwb (friend with benefits).”
  • “Had a date with a girl. Dropped her off at her front door. Husband came out and escorted her inside.”
  • “I made a date so weird when I gave a drawing of a koala to a guy that said ‘hoping for a koality (quality) first date.’ I thought it was funny. He didn’t.”
  • “I went out to dinner with a man that was so nervous he shook through the entire dinner, after dinner I tried to go home but he begged me in the parking lot not to leave him.”
  • “I went on a date with a guy whose wife and date were at the next table. He told me over bread. I stayed for dinner then GTFO.” 


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