More & More of Us Relying On Delivery Services

Being stuck a home during the pandemic lead many people to rely on delivery services, and now that Americans have gotten used to getting their needs delivered, it doesn’t look like that’s going to end anytime soon. 

A new LendingTree Survey finds:

  • 77% of Americans say they have used on-demand delivery services within the last year.
  • That translates to more than 196 million Americans.
  • Retail services, like Amazon, was the most-used delivery service (51%), followed by:
    • Food (i.e. Door Dash) (45%)
    • Grocery (i.e InstaCart) (29%)
    • Transportation (i.e. Uber) (20%)
    • Meal Kit delivery (i.e. Hello Fresh) (13%
    • Medicine delivery (i.e. PillPack) (13%)
  • The average person will spend about $2,000 a year on delivery services, or about $157 a month.
  • Millennials spend the most, about $208 a month, while Baby Boomers only spend about $79 a month.
  • 70% of folks say they are willing to spend extra, about $10 a week, on groceries if it helps them avoid going to a store.
  • 37% would be willing to spend $50 a month on delivery fees
  • While 19% would be willing to spend $100 or more. 
  • And even as things start going back to normal, many folks aren’t about to give up their delivery service dependence.
  • In fact, 45% of people say they plan to continue using them just as much as they did during lockdowns.


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