More Young People Are Using Their Phones To TALK

While Gen Z doesn’t go anywhere without their phone, and is usually on it most of the day, the one thing few actually use it for is to make phone calls. But apparently that’s all changing. According to a new report, more and more young people have rediscovered the art of actually talking to someone on the phone. 

New Jersey student Kira Russell is one such twentysomething. The 22-year-old’s friends know that she isn’t much of a texter and if you want to reach her you need to call. In fact, if someone does text her she usually gives short replies like “yes” or “no,” telling the "New York Post," “If they want to elaborate, they can call me.” 

Of course, some folks still don’t embrace the phone call, which makes it awkward for those who do. “I’ve had those moments where someone’s like ‘Why are you calling me?’ ” 24-year-old phone-caller Mitchell Gonzales, shares, but adds that phone calls feel “extra special. Now it feels like writing a letter to someone.”

But not everyone is embracing phone calls all the time, especially when it comes to dating, noting it can be “too much too soon.” “Some people might just feel more confident being able to articulate themself in a text,” TV writer and podcast host Natasha Chandel says, although she adds as things get more serious she expects things to move away from texts. She notes, “I think the problem comes when that’s your entire style of communication.”

And for 28-year-old Jessica Quintero getting on the phone with her is s a sign of a real friend. “I don’t want to sit and text you back and forth when I can have a 30-minute conversation and sum it all up,” she said. “I don’t want to surround myself with people who are bothered to be on the phone with me.”

Source:New York Post

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