Parents Are Stressed By the Thought of Making Their Kids School Lunches

Kids across the country have started returning to schools, which is causing added stress for parents, especially when it comes to what their kids are eating.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofHelloFresh finds:

  • 40% of parents say they are stressed out before their child’s school day begins.
  • 59% say they get stressed out thinking about packing their kids’ lunches.
  • As for what about it stresses them out the most:
    • 56% say it’s expensive groceries
    • 49% say it’s not having enough time to make their lunches.
  • When it comes to feeding their child during the school year, 54% of parents say they dread back-to-school grocery shopping.
  • 58% of parents say they keep a strict budget to be ready for back-to-school season.
  • The average parent spends $390 on groceries per child during the year.
  • On average, parents pack their kids lunches three days a week.
  • 57% say they try to include healthy options in those lunches.
  • But no matter how much effort they put into lunch, getting their kids to eat it is another story.
  • Among the food kids are most likely to leave uneaten:
    • Veggies (45%)
    • Fruit (39%)
    • Main part of the meal (39%)
    • Salty snacks (39%)
    • Sweet snacks (24%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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