A 100-Year-Old Woman Says Not Hating Anyone Is Secret To Long Life

A Georgia woman is proving age is just a number when you live right. Marie Robinson recently celebrated her 100th birthday with loved ones by her side for a party at the local community center. Before she joined the crowd, she stopped to light a candle for her late husband, Moses, and then she shared some of the wisdom she’s learned over the years.

Marie kicked off the party by dancing to the music and telling reporters the key to living as long as she has is living right and “trusting in the lord.” And when they asked about her secret, she got more specific. “My secret is to treat everybody right. And love everybody. Don’t hate nobody,” she explains. “That’s the only way we’re going to make it to the Kingdom. Serve the Lord.”

The centenarian was blessed with nine children and five are still living, she also has 35 grandkids, 101 great-grandchildren and get this - 18 great-great-grandchildren! Marie’s family says she’s been a role model for them and she offers some advice for younger generations. “The only thing I would like to say to the young people, to raise their children right,” she says. “Raise them right, tell them how to love one another.”

Source:Fox News

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