Parents Share Some Embarrassing Things Their Kids Have Said In Public

Anyone who is a parent knows young kids rarely have a filter, and will often say some pretty outrageous and embarrassing things to anyone who’ll listen. Well, now some parents are sharing how they’ve been left red faced by their kids and it’s pretty hysterical. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has parents revealing the embarrassing comments from their kids that left them speechless, and it’s hard not to laugh.

Kids' comments include:

  • “We were shopping and a lady was standing on a phone blocking us so my two-year-old yells, ‘Move B*tch.’ No more listening to daddy’s music.”
  • “My daughter screamed out ‘you farted!!” in line at Walgreens. It was hilarious.”
  • “My son said ‘what’s in the box?' at a funeral.”
  • “'Mommy that lady is too fat for that dress.’ I almost died.”
  • “When my youngest daughter was four she told a lady at church she was going to be a stripper.”
  • “My stepson told a stranger that I’m not his mom with no further explanation. It was great.”
  • “My six-year-old said ‘can I buy a bra too. I want big ones just like yours.’ I wanted to evaporate at that moment.”
  • “My son yelled ‘I can’t believe they killed Han Solo!’ while walking out of the theater in front of the line for the next showing.”
  • “’What a day I need some wine. Where’s the wine aisle mom?’ My five-year-old son yelled this at Target while shopping.”


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