Women: 30 Unintentional Things You Do That Guys Love

Wriggling out of tight clothes

You might feel like an elephant wriggling out of your tight LBD, but to your man, you’re an undressing goddess. The way you take off your clothes and shimmy out of them can be a major turn on for guys—especially when they get to see what you’re wearing *or not wearing* underneath.

Crawling into bed

For guys, every little move you make can just seem so sensual. This is especially true when you approach him by crawling into bed beside him. Your feline moves are enough to make them purr and it’s one of the girly things he adores.

Twirling your hair is one of the best girly things

There’s something about your long hair that gets men’s senses on high alert. Whether you’re pulling at it, twirling it, or caressing it, there’s something about it that men find cute and sexy.

Your perfume

Maybe it’s man’s animal instinct, but getting a whiff of your perfume as you pass by can leave them giving you a lusty second glance.

Your shampoo

As with perfume, something as unintentional as your shampoo can leave guys crazy over you. Smelling your hair is a major turn on, and you probably don’t even notice it. As far as girly things are concerned, the smell of your freshly washed hair is right up there on the list.

Your lingerie

Whether you’re wearing Victoria’s Secret, or your everyday pair of mismatched underwear, there’s something about the sight of you in lingerie that can naughtily provoke your man’s mind—and other things.

Making eye contact is one of the sexy girly things you do

The way you make eye contact with them can also leave them exhilarated. This is especially the case when you look at them and then coyly or innocently look away.

Closing your eyes for a kiss

Men especially love it when they lean in for a kiss and, for that split second, they can see you trustingly kiss them with your eyes closed. The same goes for when they break the kiss and you leave your eyes closed for just a few more seconds, like you’re savoring the feeling—and they savor just how exquisite you look.

Slowly breathing out

There’s also more to a kiss that turns guys on. The way you breathe out a shaky breath after a kiss can be enough to drive them loco. It’s like their assurance that you like them and what they did, and they go crazy for that.

Pursing your lips

The lips are a very sensual body part. Whether it’s a new guy, or your man who sees you purse your lips, especially when you’re concentrating, they always find it hot and endearing.

Biting your lip

There’s a reason why lip-biting is an age-old form of flirting. There’s something about it that makes men notice you. And when you find some guy staring at you while you unconsciously bite your lips, you can be sure that he’s having nice *or naughty* thoughts about you.


Men find blushing girls too cute. It’s one of the girly things they adore. Maybe that’s why pick-up lines were invented—to provoke that rosy glow. The sight of you blushing, especially if they caused it, is such a big pat on their backs and it makes them even more drawn to you.

Stretching out

Whether you’re in the grocery store, reaching for that can of pasta sauce, or at a guy’s place, trying to reach the top shelf of his cupboard, believe it or not, men will take their sweet time before helping you, because they’re admiring the view. The view of a woman’s body, stretched out, and perked up—it’s irresistible.

Arching your back

So, you got tired from sitting in your desk, or you just want a good stretch. For you, it’s nothing, but for guys, it’s everything. The sight of you arching your back, with your ta-tas pointing out, can leave them with all the hots for you.

Your giggle

That honest giggle that lights up your face is enough to bring guys to their happy place, too. Not only does it put them at ease, it also makes them more attracted to you—especially if it’s their jokes you’re laughing at. As far as top girly things go, your giggle is a major contender.

Crinkling eyes when you laugh

Actually, it’s not just the sound of your laughter. It’s also the way your eyes crinkle and smile, that can make guys swoon. It shows you have a good sense of humor and you’re confident enough to let out a good laugh when you feel like it, which guys absolutely adore.

Dressing up in your girly things

It’s not just the sight of you undressing that can bring all the boys to the yard. The way you get all dolled up and dressed for them is also important. Guys like the idea that you spent time and effort to look great for them, and they’ll appreciate every inch of what they see as soon as you step out of your vanity.

Calling his name

Whether you call out their name in the bedroom, or just whisper it naughtily when you’re out in public, you will find guys loving it. Even something as simple as calling them out for help or greeting them is enough to make them secretly giddy inside.

Your wild hair

Flipping out your hair or even tossing it around can be a major turn on for guys, too. There’s something about your rolled-out-of-bed, tousled hair that makes them want to inch closer and comb through your locks.

Biting something between your lips

There’s also something sensual about the way you bite a straw or a pen between your lips. For you, this might be a mannerism you’re completely unaware of, but look across the room, and you’ll find guys dreamily staring at you.

Wearing glasses is one of the girly things he loves

Maybe there’s really something good about looking geeky; guys like it when you’re wearing glasses. It could also be because the sight conjures up teacher fantasies for them.


There’s nothing that can melt even the toughest guys’ hearts quite like a genuine smile. Showing your pleasure, especially if they’re the ones who caused it, makes men’s hearts puff up with pride because, after all, they too want to impress you and be noticed.

Scrunching your nose up

You probably don’t know you’re doing this and it’s one of the girly things that men love. When you’re concentrating on something or even when you don’t like something, you scrunch your nose up in a look of disgust. It’s cute!

When you’re unsure of yourself

Of course, men love confident women but when a confident woman lets her guard down for a second and is unsure of herself, it’s cute. It could be “how do I look in this outfit?” with a look that says you’re a little unsure of whether it suits you or not. It works wonders!

When you become entranced by a movie

One of the girly things that men love, although they may not admit it, is when you get so into a movie that you’re totally entranced. You cry at the end because you were so into the plot.

When you get flustered

Of course, he doesn’t want to see you stressed out. But when you get a little flustered over something, such as the housework or the fact you can’t figure out what to wear, it’s cute to him.

Your caring side is one of the girly things he admires about you

When you show your caring side, it’s one of the girly things he loves about you and whether he admits it or not, it makes him go a bit gooey-eyed!

Singing without realizing it

Do you often sing along to yourself under your breath or burst into song when you’re driving or in the shower?

Your open heart

Most women are happy to talk about their feelings and whilst men aren’t such fans of huge heart-to-hearts, they do admire the fact that you have such an open heart and willingness to talk about your emotions.

When you get excited

There’s something extra-sweet about a girl when she’s excited about something. It’s almost like she reverts back to childhood for a second! It’s one of the girly things he loves about you.


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