The “Red Flag Words” According To Interviewers

We’re still in “The Great Resignation” period right now which could also mean “The Great Hiring Spree” is right around the corner. If you want to be a part of that next wave, here are a few things that interviewers are listening out for that they consider “red flag words.”

  • Perfectionist. You probably think that you’re lowkey telling them that you never make mistakes but what the hiring manager is going to hear is‘I take forever to get things done. ’Not only is it a red flag, but it’s also dramatically overused. Interview coach Barry Drexler says he wanted “to get ill after I heard this [word] so many times” in his over 10K interview career.
  • Multitasker. Our brains simply can not concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Your interviewer knows that and that’s why when you tell them you’re a “multitasker” they’re just going to assume you’re going to be distracted 99% of the time you’re working. You would be much better off saying something about how organized you are or how experienced you are with competing deadlines.
  • People-Person. This is the perfect way to describe yourself…if you want the interviewer to know you have no idea what the job entails. Your goal in the interview should be to make it clear that you have a good handle on the tasks you’d be assigned and by dropping this line, all you’re really doing is saying ‘I don’t hate humans.’ Which was something they assumed when you applied for a job working with people.

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Source:The Ladders

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