People Reveal The Weird Things They Actually Find Attractive

When it comes to looking for love, different people find different things attractive. While some folks are attracted to a partner due to their eye color, height, or personality, there are other people who are attracted to rather out of the ordinary things, and now they are sharing.

A new Reddit thread asked folks “What is the weirdest thing you find extremely attractive?,” and plenty of people were more than happy to fess up.

Weird things folks find attractive include:

  • "Colorful socks. I dunno man, when I see a girl wearing some super wacky, colorful socks – especially if they're mismatched.”
  • “Don't know why, but exhausted men look super hot to me. Probably because being exhausted is as close as being the real you as possible."
  • "Impractically long nails, chewing some gum while reading a magazine. It's beautifully apathetic."
  • "Being able to make a good excel spreadsheet."
  • My husband got himself this bear onesie. The first time he put it on, I was like, 'What is this feeling? Why am I aroused right now?' He still thinks it’s very weird, but he will put it on for me when I ask. Too bad for him our anniversary is in the height of summer."
  • "The standard black, old school Vans on girls. Especially if they're sitting cross-legged. Omg. I’m not even super into feet, but I find flat shoes like Vans and Converse super attractive. Bonus points if the pants are cuffed."
  • "When a guy buckles/unbuckles a belt."
  • "Houseplants. Chicks with plants are just very hot to me."
  • "Armpits. Like when a girl lifts her arms above her head? Love that. No idea why."
  • "When guys are reversing the car, and they put one hand on the back of the passenger seat to look back better. It...makes me vulnerable."
  • "I like scars. Each one has a story, and I want to know it."
  • "If she/he cooks me garlic bread, we will be cuddling."


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