Things American Parents Do That The Rest Of The World Doesn't

American’s march to the beat of a different drummer, so it’s no surprise that parenting is the same way. “Women’s Health “ is taking a fresh look at the practices of American parents and the things those in other countries find strange.

One practice that is overwhelmingly surprising is US kids going trick-or-treating for candy. In other countries like Germany and Finland, they have traditions like carrying lanterns door to door and singing for treats or giving crafts to kids to ward off evil spirits.

In many other countries, they opt for smaller sedans than our choice of big SUVs. Other oddities include:

  • Early bedtimes. Other countries use nighttime to bond as a family
  • Giving kids huge portions. The U.S. has the highest per capita calorie consumption in the world
  • Letting kids talk back. It’s unheard of in parts of Asia
  • “Babying” kids past infancy. Children as young as four are allowed to walk to school, ride public transportation, and run errands all by themselves in Japan
  • Have baby showers. It really is almost a unique American tradition
  • Not having the kids do some housework. In many countries it’s expected
  • Making another meal if the child doesn’t like it. It’s unheard of elsewhere

Source:Women’s Health

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