Texting Clues That Mean Someone Isn't Interested In You

Texting is by far the go-to way our generation communicates but let’s be real. It leaves a lot of grey area. Especially when the person you’re messaging back and forth with happens to be someone you’re crushing on. Here are some expert signs to look out for in your next text convo that show the feeling isn’t mutual.

  • They’re Not Matching Your Energy. Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto says “when we are trying to make someone feel comfortable and make them feel like they’re important, we tend to mirror them, which means you’re putting the same amount of effort in as the other person.” If you feel like the vibe is off in your text exchanges, this could be why.
  • They’re Not Trying To Get To Know You. If your text chain looks like you’re interviewing them, that’s not a good sign. There should be reciprocation when it comes to getting to know one another. If they were crushing on you, they would be blowing up your phone with questions.
  • They’re Taking A While To Respond. Sure, people get busy, but if they’re consistently ignoring your messages or leaving you on read for days at a time, they probably aren’t that into you. Unless they give you a decent excuse soon, it’s best to move onto someone else that keeps you at the top of their mind.

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Source:Elite Daily

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