People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Behavior Of American Tourists

It isn’t always easy being an American tourist in a foreign country, but most people learn to adapt and adjust to the local way of life. But not everyone handles the experience well, and now some folks are spilling the beans on some pretty embarrassing things folks from the U.S. have done in their country.

It all started when someone on Reddit asked, "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is the weirdest thing you have seen an American tourist do that would be considered very disrespectful/inappropriate in your country?" Needless to say, folks were happy to share.

Embarrassing tourist behavior includes:

  • "The best one I've heard was the American tourist complaining that they built Edinburgh castle so far from the train station."
  • "Iceland. We get a lot of tourism when there isn't a pandemic and about half are American. ... There's a ton of people who seem to think we can just flick a switch and have the Northern Lights appear."
  • "'Mommy's busy baby, why don't you go climb on the big rocks?' That was at Stonehenge
  • "I once got told by an American tourist that I spoke English quite well...I'm English and this was in England."
  • "I have seen a very drunk American tourist in his twenties explaining to a Vietnamese bartender in Vietnam how his American grandfather freed Vietnam of communists."
  • "I got stopped by an American tourist as I was on my way to a wedding in my kilt. That prick straight-up lifted the back of my kilt to prove I was a true Scotsman. My mate intercepted with the perfect diving headbutt."
  • "I literally witnessed an American college or gap year student complain about the lack of kangaroos. In Austria. I thought they were joking."
  • "Claiming that Ireland isn't 'properly' Irish, and that the only way to experience 'true, traditional' Irish culture is to visit Boston."
  • "Not disrespectful but kinda funny: Bruges in Belgium is a nicely preserved town with many medieval elements. Apparently, a lot of American tourists ask the locals, 'When does this theme park close?'"
  • "While working at McDonald's I overheard an American tourist tell his family that they were going to eat some good food, not foreign garbage, while they were waiting in line to order."


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