Couples Reveal The Strange Things They Do For Each Other

Being in a relationship means you have someone who will love you and support you, and in some cases you’ll find that special someone who’s willing to do anything, and we mean anything, for you.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has couples sharing the strangest things they do for each other and while some people may find it sweet, others will think it’s just plain gross.

Strange things couples do for each other include:

  • “I pluck random zits and hairs out of my boyfriend’s shoulders and back all the time. It’s just so fascinating.”
  • “My boyfriend removed toilet paper that was stuck to my bootyhole. That took our relationship to a weird level.”
  • “My husband once helped pull wax out of my ears with tweezers.”
  • “I just painted my nails, and they were still wet. I also had to go to the bathroom, so my man wiped for me.”
  • “My boyfriend keeps hangnails and little skin tags around his cuticles and sometimes I’ll chew the off for him like I do my own.”
  • “My ex once peeled the skin from a bad sunburn. I found it gross but she found it entertaining.”
  • “When I’m bored, I dig at huge blackheads on my husband’s butt cheeks. Like huge. It’s a weird thing we do.”
  • “My water broke in the hospital when our daughter was born there was so much fluid I couldn’t stay dry so he kept shoving new towels between my legs.”
  • “One time I threw my back out and my husband had to do basically everything for me. I mean EVERYTHING. Worst three weeks of my life. 


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