Social Media Is Probably More Positive Than You Think

When you think of social media the words that come to mind are probably something like ‘toxic,’ or ‘hurtful,’ or even ‘complete waste of time.’ But a new study has found that we might be being a bit too hard on these virtual communities. A new study has found most of the time people are posting on these platforms, it’s usually in support of something.

But to be clear, this simply means that people are posting in support of something they believe in. For example, when someone goes to post about an issue like gun control, if they’re into the idea, they’re most likely sharing something to put gun legislation in a positive light. Or as the researchers from the University of Toronto put it, “it’s very rare that we see positions that primarily frame themselves in terms of what they oppose.”

The study looked at posts about everything from COVID-19 to politics and found this trend holds across all topics. When looking at one month of tweets on controversial subjects, the researchers found users retweeted supportive posts an average of 624 times and only shared opposing tweets 24 times on average. So if you’re looking to up your Twitter game or even how you talk about uncomfortable topics offline, remember it’s best to stay positive.

Source:Study Finds

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