Singles Ready To Spend Big Money On Dating Again

After more than a year of not being able to go out on dates, many singles are ready to get out there again, and it sounds like they don’t really care how much that may cost. A new survey finds:

  • When it comes to dating, singles are ready to open their wallets.
  • 75% say they plan to spend more than $100 on a meal for the date.
  • 65% plan to take a first date on an excursion or outdoor adventure.
  • And of those people, 40% plan to spend more than $500 on that date.
  • 45% of people say they connected people with other cities, with plans on visiting them for the first time.
  • As for how much they’ll spend on that trip:
    • 25% will shell out more than $1,000.
    • 55% will spend between $500 and $999.
    • 20% will spend less than $500.

Now when it comes to who will pay for the date, that depends.

  • 45% of singles don’t care who plays for a first date, although most people say the one who initiated the date should foot the bill.
  • 78% of singles say they plan to pay for their date’s car ride home.
  • Another expense? 37% plan to bring a gift, like flowers or wine.
  • 20% plan to send a gift the next day. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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