Shocking Misconceptions Some Men Have About Women

There are a lot of things men don’t really know about women, but while some things may be understandable, some of guys' misconceptions about the opposite sex may downright shock you.

Well, the latter was certainly the case for several woman who shared their shocking revelations in a new Reddit thread that asked, “Women of Reddit, what's the funniest misconception a man had about women that he probably still believes to this day?" Not surprisingly, a lot of responses had to do with a woman’s time of the month.

Those misconceptions include:

  • "My ex legitimately thought I could control the sex of the baby via a certain sexual position during conception or by eating certain foods."
  • "I met a guy on Tinder that didn't think we could have sex because I was taller than him. Like he physically thought it wouldn't work/fit together or something."
  • "That women can produce breast milk on demand, even if they've never been pregnant. If that were true, it would be very inconvenient, to say the least."
  • “When I was in high school, my best friend’s boyfriend thought that when women went through menopause it meant that their vaginas were sealed shut forever. I blame our high school, honestly. These seem like basic things a guy should learn."
  • "When I was 17, I needed to ask my dad for money to buy period products. He just said, 'You needed money, for this reason, the previous month, it's not like you have your period every month.'"
  • "Not a woman, but after my wife gave birth to my oldest, my younger brother asked her which of her breasts had full-fat milk. He thought one of the breasts had full-fat and the other had skimmed milk. He was 29 and had a university degree."


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