The Mistakes We Make On Staycations

After a year of being stuck inside, the idea of a “staycation” may not sound enticing to some but it doesn’t change the fact that kicking at your place is the safest and cheapest way to enjoy time off from work. But not all staycations are created equal. Here are the biggest mistakes people make while “traveling” to their living room.

  • Not Unplugging From Your Regular Life. You wouldn’t check your email if you were five tropical drinks deep sitting on a beach somewhere, would you? Don’t do it at home either. Travel blogger Olivia Christine Perez says “sometimes the very energy suckers we’re taking a staycation to escape from work, family, or other obligations take our proximity as a sign that we’re available on an ‘as needed’ basis.” Don’t give in! Airplane mode your phone and set your email to auto-respond that you’re unavailable.
  • Eschewing Guided Tours. There is always something new to learn about your area. Travel blogger La Carmina recommends “joining a specialized tour, such as a guided bird tour in a park, or wine experience at a local vineyard [because] you may be astonished at what you discover through the eyes of another local.”
  • Sticking To Your Comfort Zone. Don’t feel like you have to commit to the “stay” in staycation. Get out and explore. According to travel blogger Victoria Yore, “one of the biggest mistakes people make on staycations is sticking with the norm and not venturing outside of their comfort zone.” Yore advises everyone to join a local Facebook group or to venture off the first page of Google for ideas of what to do.

Find more mistakes to avoidHERE.


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