How To Find A Job You Really Love

You know that feeling you get on Fridays? Did you know there are people in this world that have that on Mondays? Crazy right? If you’re on the hunt for a job that gives you that same feeling, here’s some advice on how to find it.

  • Get Clear On What You Want. Career coach Kyle Elliott says to “write out everything you need, want, do not want, and cannot have in your next job.” Putting pen to paper will make it a lot harder to compromise on what you want during your search. Keep on using this sheet as a reference when you feel like you’re starting to lose focus on your needs and values.
  • Leverage The Power Of Social Media. Your potential employer is using social media to dig up dirt on you, do the same about them. Elliot recommends using LinkedIn to reach out to people who already work at your target companies to try and about their work culture. Hint: If someone responds with “for the love of God don’t apply here,” don’t apply there.
  • Focus On Relationships Instead Of Applications. You can fill out online applications until your fingers bleed, but you shouldn’t skimp on good old-fashioned networking. Elliot says that you should be reaching out to at least five people for every application you submit. They say it’s who you know, and in a competitive job market like this ‘they’ are right.

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Source:The Ladders

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