Woman Won’t Date Guy If They Ask Any of These Questions

When looking for “The One” there are a lot of signs that will tell you whether or not a person is not getting date with you. And while some may judge how a potential match treats them, or whether their personalities connect, one gal has gone viral with her specific signs things won’t be moving forward. 

TikToker Ally has folks talking about how she judges whether a guy will get a date with her. She says it all comes down to what they ask her, and if they ask one of three questions, things are going no further. In her video she says she’s “not sorry” for being picky, and then reveals, “Texts from men I simply won't answer when dating.” Those include: 

  • "What are you doing?", which she replies, “not you.”
  • "What do you do for fun?" which she replies “work and sleep,” ignoring any other messages after.
  • And if any question is even remotely sexual, she says it’s just “gross” and things end. 

And while these may seem controversial, Ally got a lot of support from other gals on the site. With regards to the “what do you do for fun” question, on girl noted, “That question is so played out. Can't stand it.” Meanwhile, another gal had her own hated question, noting she “loathed” being asked their favorite things.

But not everyone agrees. One person noted, “the only people who hate the ‘what do you do for fun' are the people who do nothing interesting." Another added the “fun” question “shows genuine interest and they’re probably shy.” 

Source:The Sun

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