TRAUMA Is Probably The Reason You're So Tired Right Now

Can we please all cut each other some slack while we figure things out post-COVID? People are excited to be out and about again but they’re also physically drained. And it’s not their fault. We’re all still getting past the trauma that was 2020.

The thing about stress-related fatigue is it tends to hit after things settle down. This is why trauma specialists aren’t surprised to see people are just now feeling the weight of things from last year. A year-plus of chronic stress and trauma could have done damage to our immune systems and thrown off our circadian rhythms. To put it simply, we’ve all been through a lot and it’s exhausting.

But there are things you can do if you’re tired of being tired. First things first is to get your sleep in check. Clinical psychologist Sarah Lowe says to avoid caffeine at night, don’t exercise before bed, and shut off your screens an hour before bed. When you’re awake, take it easy. Don’t load up your free time with activities just because you can now. Ease your way back into things.


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