The Things People Are Embarrassed To Buy In Store

Are you ever worried that folks in stores are looking at what you’re purchasing and mocking you? Well, apparently many people are, because it turns out a lot of folks are embarrassed by certain purchases. 

A new survey Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Depend finds:

  • 51% of people admit they are embarrassed about purchasing certain items in-store.
  • In fact, 89% of people would rather spend more money to purchase certain items online than be left embarrassed buying them in person.
  • 75% of people are so embarrassed they’ll be judged by a cashier they’ll buy random items hoping they won’t notice.
  • 72% are worried other shoppers or store employees will judge their purchases.
  • And they may have a right to, since 67% of people say they are judgmental of other shoppers. 

So, what items are folks most embarrassed to buy?

  • The Top 10 include:
    • Condoms (29%)
    • Emergency contraceptives (26%)
    • Bed bug spray (26%)
    • Head lice treatment (25%)
    • Hemorrhoid cream (24%)
    • Diarrhea relief (24%)
    • Pregnancy test (23%)
    • Incontinence/bladder leakage products (23%)
    • Period products (23%)
    • Cold sore treatment (23%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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