Things People Are Most Afraid Of Revealing

You might think in the age of social media that people are open books but nope .A new survey has found there’s still a long list of things that people are terrified of telling to their family, friends, co-workers, and even partners.

The Top 10 Things People Are Afraid Of Revealing

  1. Your mental health
  2. An embarrassing incident
  3. Your internet history
  4. Eating/snack habits
  5. Hygiene habits
  6. How many partners you’ve had
  7. Bank/credit card statements
  8. That you’ve faked an illness to get out of commitments
  9. Having an affair
  10. Having a one-night stand

According to the study, the average person is hiding two embarrassing things from everyone they know at any given time. And they’re not enjoying keeping secrets. More than a quarter of the study said holding these things in is so stressful that it’s impaired their ability to function some days. So the next time your boo is having an off day… tell them to spill the beans.

Source:The Ladders

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