Our Favorite Summer Olympic Sports

The Olympics are supposed to kick off tomorrow (barring any last minute cancelation due to COVID), and while there will be a variety of sports to watch, there are certainly some competitions that are more popular than others. According to a new YouGov poll:

  • Only 37% of Americans are actually interested in this year’s Olympics, with 12% saying they are very interested.
  • 40% of people are not interested at all.
  • Those 65% and older are the most likely to be interested in the Games (47%).

So, for those whoareinterested, what are their favorite summer Olympic sports to watch?

  • Well, Michael Phelps or not, Swimming is still the most popular Olympic sport, with 43% of people saying it’s their favorite.
  • Other popular Olympic sports include:
    • Artistic gymnastics (39%)
    • Diving (36%)
    • Volleyball (beach) (20%)
    • Basketball (19%)
    • Rhythmic gymnastics (19%)
    • Boxing (14%)
    • Athletics (including track & field) (12%)
    • Baseball (11%)
    • Synchronized Swimming (11%) 


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