What We Hide from Our Partners and Why

We all say we’re “open and honest” with our partners but really what we should say is“ I am 95% open and honest with my boo.” A recent survey has found there many things we tend to hide in our relationships and there are just as many reasons why we keep these secrets.

  • What Women Hide. Women were found to hide their history of sexual victimization, emotionally cheating, and their interest in BDSM from their partners. And just falling out of the top three, women were also found to keep their pornography and enjoyment of sex toys secret as well. As to why they decided it was best to keep it to themselves, the consensus among women was that their partners would not understand.
  • What Men Hide. The most common things that men hide in relationships according to the study are their porn use, a history of threesomes, and times that they’ve emotionally cheated on their significant other. But unlike women, men weren’t concerned that their partner “wouldn’t understand” their habits. It’s actually quite the opposite. Men said they hide these things because they feel like their boo would disapprove of their behavior.

If you’re one of these folks withholding something from your boo, you should know that ‘the truth will set you free.’ The study found that the majority of people report that they’ve had a positive outcome from sharing their sex secrets. Not only did their partner appreciate their openness, they themself felt relieved. But we’re guessing the folks that admitted to ‘emotionally cheating’ didn’t have the same benefits.

Source:Psychology Today

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