Are You Feeling Burned Out? Try Being Irresponsible!

After a year of doing essentially nothing else but work, or in some cases looking for work, no one would blame you if you’re feeling a bit burnt out. You’ve probably heard the typical advice to journal, or do some breathing exercises, but if those aren’t cutting it, here’s another option. Go do something irresponsible.

Full disclosure, this advice isn’t sanctioned by any mental health expert, but Vice writer Maggie Lange says it has helped her get through a rough year of school and work. Instead of aiming to be the world’s greatest student, Lange turned her focus to being a “bad student” and towards “doing nothing more.”

Now, this didn’t mean going full “Van Wilder,” it simply meant taking a break from being a try-hard every once in a while. Going to concerts when there was a deadline pending, staying up late for no reason, reading things that weren’t assigned, making out with her neighbors, and so on all made her bad student activities bucket list. What she’s found is “there's no correlation between how much effort [she] puts in and how much [she] likes the work.” She’s decided to put more time into the life side of the work/life balance and deal with the consequences later.


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