Apparently Taco Bell Is Running Out Of Food, And Twitter Is Furious

It’s time for another pandemic related shortage and this time it’s hitting Taco Bell. We’re talking shortages of everything from beef, chicken, sauces and even fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes are showing up. As if that’s not bad enough... they’re reportedly having trouble getting 10-inch tortillas! The company’s legions of fans? Livid

The blowback has exploded on Twitter. Among the fan comments?@WiscoTimeFactsaying “Taco Bell closed early last night so I had to make drunk food tacos at home”@jenuhh124reported that her local location was out of beef AND chicken. “(I) just ate black beans in a hard shell,” she explains. “Was not worth it.”

There are other chains experiencing similar shortages in the supply chain, but Taco Bell’s customers seem to be the most passionate and vocal.

Source:Eat This, Not That!

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