Most of Us Would Prefer A Four-Day, 10-Hour A Day Workweek

As we previously told you,a new study shows that there are a lot of benefits in workers having only a four-day workweek. And not surprising a new survey finds most employees are totally down with the idea.  A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 67% of Americans say that if they were working full time, and it wouldn’t affect their pay, they would prefer a four-day, 10-hour a day workweek.
  • Only 21% would rather stick to working five-days a week, eight hours each day.
  • For those workers currently working full-time, 72% would prefer the four-day workweek.  

And it seems most employees don’t think fewer days will have an effect on their productivity.

  • In fact, 41% of folks feel they would be more productive with the shorter week.
  • 27% think their productivity would be the same, while only 9% think it would decrease.
  • Those in management positions seem to have the same feeling.
  • 45% of those polled with management responsibilities feel they’d be more productive with a four-day workweek, while 39% think there would be no change, and only 9% think their productivity will decrease.
  • 37% of those without management responsibilities think they would be more productive, while 40% think their productivity would go unchanged, and again, 9% think it would decrease.


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