Road-Trip Essentials...According To People Who Live In Their Vans

The key to pulling off an epic summer road trip is preparation and who better to turn to for advice than the folks whose whole life is a road trip. The #VanLife movement is having a moment all over social media and if there’s someone you should listen to about trekking across state lines, it’s the people who make a living on Instagram doing it. Here are some of their biggest essential tips:

  • Bring Food That Helps You Refuel And Feel Energized. You could fill up on the typical road trip diet of junk food and fast food or you could do something good for your body instead. Matt Watson has been living out of various vehicles since 2014 and says food like trail mix and granola bars helps keep him energized and alert on the road. He also has a stash of Kit Kats and a family-size bag of sour cream-and-onion chips to be safe.
  • Pack A Flashlight. Shane Dennis, who has lived in his converted camper for the past two years, recommends splurging on a flashlight that has a strobe function. Hopefully, you’ll never get into a dangerous situation but if you do, that flashlight will allow you to see the person or animal while making it difficult for them to see you.
  • Bring The Heat. If the plan is to sleep in your car or a tent and you know the temps are going to drop where you’re staying, a portable heater is a must. Dennis says, “even if you're going into the desert, nights can be pretty brutal.” In other words, your hoodie and $10 sleeping bag probably won’t cut it.

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