TikToker Claims Her Hack Will Make “Everyone” Fall In Love With You

Want to kickstart your hot girl summer? A TikToker claims her hack can get anyone to fall for you and that the secret is all in the eyes. User Sophie-Rose Lloyd shares a “psychology love eye trick” that she says has the magic to draw in the object of your affection.

In avideo, she explains that the trick uses a three-step eye movement, which she calls the “love triangle.” Lloyd says you’ll want to use it with someone you really like and share common interests with and she cautions that it might not work with a total stranger. Once you’re in a one-on-one with your romantic target, wait until they’re speaking to you and try these simple steps.

  1. Look at their left eye for about one second
  2. Look at their mouth for one to two seconds
  3. And finish it off by looking at their right eye

Sound too easy to actually work? For what it’s worth,researchshows that eye contact can influence whether or not people feel attracted to you. Lloyd “guarantees that if done at the right time with the right person, they will literally be like ‘what?!’” and that it “definitely does work.” And while it might not be quite as magical as she claims, the idea isn’t too far fetched.

Source:In The Know

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