Fake Dating Sites Are Trying To Fool You...And It’s Working

As if navigating online dating isn’t enough of a challenge, now there’s something else singles need to be aware of when looking for love online. The Better Business Bureau has issued analertabout a wave of fake dating sites that are scamming people out of money and personal info. And the worst part? The sites are functional, elaborate and look totally real, but they most definitely are not.

According to the BBB, people typically find the sites through online ads or search engine results and at first, everything about them seems legit. They allow automatic sign-up through your Facebook or Google accounts, have testimonials, an “18 + only” disclaimer, and links to other pages like their privacy policy like you see with real businesses. And once you create a profile and provide payment info, you’re contacted by other supposedly interested members and to reply, it costs extra. But all the profiles are fake and if you want to complain about any of it, you can, but the customer service rep is fake, too.

But there are some red flags to watch out for. First off, even if you barely fill out your profile, you’ll hear from dozens of “members” trying to connect with you, even if you live in a different city or are in a different dating age range. Another way to spot a fake site is they almost always have weird, sloppy writing that doesn’t make sense, like one fake site that reads, “Virtual, lively flirting is great fun and fives a very individual perspective.” When in doubt about a site, the Better Business Bureau advises checkingBBB.orgfor reviews and feedback before signing up. And if you are a victim of a fake dating site scam, report it atBBB.org/ScamTracker.


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