People Reveal The Worst Things They’ve Seen Happen At A Wedding

While a bride and groom certainly want their wedding day to be memorable, there are many weddings that prove memorable for all th wrong reasons.

A recent Reddit thread asked folks to share details on the worst weddings they’ve ever attended and a lot of people where happy to share the horrors they’ve experienced.

Worst wedding experiences include:

  • "My cousin had a breakdancer at their wedding. He was pretty good, until he split his pants during his act, revealing to everyone that he was going commando. But he gave zero f***s and just kept going."
  • "I attended my significant other's coworker's wedding, where the bride was 18 and the groom — her math teacher — was 29. We had McDonald's for dinner, because that's where they had gone on their first date, of course."
  • "The bride and groom were signing the marriage license and realized the bride didn't know how to spell the groom's last name."
  • At my uncle's fifth or sixth wedding, he expected cash gifts only, and instead of enjoying his reception, he gathered all the envelopes and sat at a table with a notebook and calculator, counting all the money he got."
  • "I attended a wedding where the bride and her mom got into a fistfight in the church parking lot. The priest tried to break them up, and the mom punched him!"
  • "The couple didn't have waitstaff at their wedding, so they made their bridesmaids bus the tables."
  • "Instead of throwing rice, confetti, or even sprinkles, the bride and groom had their friends save all their empty Juul pods and throw those at them."
  • "I went to a wedding where the bride showed up almost two hours her yoga outfit. The groom shut it down when she refused to change her clothes, and he decided to leave her." 


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