Early Relationship Problems That Can Get Worse Over Time

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s easy to overlook certain things because you’re swooning so hard. But there are some red flags that you should be looking out for because some issues early on can turn straight-up toxic. Here are a few to look out for during your next honeymoon phase.

  • You Don’t Communicate Effectively. Communication is key in a relationship and if you’re not on the same page from the jump, there’s a chance it won’t be getting better. According to therapist Sharon Gilchrest, unless you two start working at it and make an effort to understand each other, this issue is bound to get in the way down the road.
  • One Of You Cheated. Psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow says “infidelity is typically the most destructive problem in a relationship and often signals other major problems.” If you’re just starting a relationship with someone and they’re already stepping out on you, whether you forgive them or not, your relationship will be dealing with the side effects of that for a long time.
  • You Catch Them In A Lie. They say trust is the “foundation” of a good relationship so finding out your boo is a liar when you’re just starting out is like putting a crack right into what you’re trying to build together. You might brush it off as nothing but counselor Dr. Jacob Santhouse says “even little lies can represent deeper things such as insecurity in the relationship or something more significant.”

Find more red flags to look out for early in a relationshipHERE.


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