Adults Are Keeping a Few Secrets

While keeping secrets can be dangerous, sometimes it’s just necessary, and let’s face it, most of us are probably keeping one or two things to ourselves. A new poll commissioned by Sky HISTORY, finds:

  • Adults keep an average of two secrets.
  • One third of people are keeping their secret to avoid embarrassment.
  • 20% are keeping it to themselves to avoid relationship issues.
  • 18% are staying quiet in order to protect their personal reputation.
  • Over 10% are keeping a secret to stay out of trouble with the police.
  • So, what are the most common secrets people are keeping?
  • The top secrets being kept include:
    • Your mental health
    • An embarrassing incident
    • Your internet history
    • Eating / snack habits
    • Hygiene habits
    • How many partners you’ve previously had
    • Bank /credit card statements
    • That you have faked an illness to get out of commitments
    • Having an affair
    • Having a one-night stand

As for who folks are keeping their secrets from:

  • 20% are keeping secrets from their mother.
  • 16% are keeping them from a friend.
  • 16% are keeping them from a partner. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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