People Reveal The Best Mom Phrases

Moms are the people we often go to for advice and words of wisdom, and many have adopted their very own catchphrases that are often words to live by.

Well, BuzzFeed asked their community to share their mom’s brilliant, and sometimes hysterical catchphrases, and many are just plain awesome. Mom catchphrases include:

  • “'If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bulls**t.' It always made me feel better about taking exams or going on interviews."
  • "My mom says, 'What do you think you are, just a souvenir of a good time?'"
  • "My mom always says, 'Not my circus, not my monkeys' when something isn’t her problem."
  • "'I'm sorry for interrupting you while I was talking.' It's actually a pretty clever one."
  • "'I’m sorry, did I put on my give-a-sh*t face today? Because I didn’t mean to.'"
  • "If something doesn’t come out as planned but my mom is done dealing with it, she’ll just say, 'Good enough for government work.' Everyone in my family now says it and she has no idea where she got it from."
  • "'Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!' she'd say whenever we'd roll our eyes or make any facial expression she didn’t approve of."
  • "Whenever my siblings or I complained about something we couldn't have, my mom would say, 'Well, people in hell want ice water.'"
  • "My mom's catchphrase is, 'Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.' It's the reason we always have three times the amount of stuff we actually need."
  • "My mom will always say 'Safe for another month!' anytime I mention that I’m on my period."
  • "If you were worried about a pimple or a rip in your pantyhose, my mother would say, ‘Don’t worry about it! If someone can see it, then they’re standing too close.’ Damn right. Back off!"
  • "Whenever we are leaving the house to go somewhere, she'll say, 'We're off like a prom dress.' It was really jarring when I first heard it as a teenager, but now it's hilarious and I say it all the time too!"


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