Whether Or Not You Like Surprises Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

While some people love the idea of a surprise party or getaway, there are plenty of others who are not down with surprises and whether or not you’re a fan may say a lot about you.

A new survey Conducted on behalf ofBubbies Ice Creamby OnePoll set out to uncover the personality differences of those who do and don’t like surprises.

  • Those who do like surprises are more likely to:
    • Be extroverted
    • Identify as adventurous and spontaneous
    • Be surprised with a vacation this summer
    • Enjoy dancing
    • Watch horror movies
  • On the flipside, those who don’t enjoy surprises are more likely to
    • Be introverted
    • Identify as sarcastic and anxious
    • Enjoy an afternoon by themselves as a treat this summer
    • Attend social events with five or fewer attendees
    • Read a book in the shade
  • When it comes to surprises 52% of people say a small gesture is the best kind of surprise they could experience.
  • 59% say some of their best summer memories are made up of small surprising moments.
  • The best summer surprises include:
    • A vacation (50%)
    • A trip to the beach (41%)
    • Having a quiet afternoon by myself (40%)
    • A sweet treat in the afternoon (34%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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