People Reveal Most Embarrassing Moments That Happened During Summer

While a lot of people have fond memories of summers past, there are others who can’t forget the embarrassing moments they experienced during the hotter months, and now folks are sharing. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing their most embarrassing summer memories, and they are sure to leave you feeling sorry for them.

Embarrassing summer memories include:

  • “I brilliantly got a bikini top that was a size too big and I had to keep pulling it up. Then I pulled it up so high that it completely came off.”
  • “I took a beach ball away from my younger cousin (boy) and he pants me in front of my whole family (it was a huge family reunion).”
  • “A year ago I was at a waterpark and went down a slide that angled straight down before it evened out. When I got to the bottom I instantly stood up. My shorts didn’t come with me.”
  • “I went to a public swimming pool and didn’t realize one of my boobs had popped out. I felt so confident when boys whistled…until I looked down.”
  • “Getting caught having sex on the beach.”
  • “My cat peed on my jacket right before a date. I didn’t realize until the date was over. I just thought the bar smelled bad but nope it was me.”
  • “I was in the ocean and there was two people that I thought were making out, but a wave receded and revealed they were doing it, and I was trying to run out but I was stuck in a rip tide.”
  • “I didn’t know the condo I rented was shared and I decided to cook naked.”


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