The Top Food Trends Of The Year So Far

Things are returning to normal so you might expect people’s food preferences to be getting back to “normal” as well but Grubhub just released its annual “State of the Plate” report, and what people are chomping on might just surprise you.

Here Are The Top Foods Of 2021...So Far

  1. Plant-based sausage wrap (+549%)
  2. Bubble milk tea (+505%)
  3. Birria taco (+500%)
  4. Everything omelet (+454%)
  5. Strawberry banana cream smoothie (+430%)
  6. Spicy miso tonkotsu ramen (354%)
  7. Churro waffle (+339%)
  8. Beef empanada (+333%)
  9. Nashville hot chicken sandwich (+327%)
  10. Korean barbecue cauliflower wing (+302%)

Yes, you read that right. A meat substitute is leading the way and has grown in popularity faster than anything else. But no worries meat lovers. Other than the cauliflower wings, everything else on the top-10 list doesn’t seem vegan.

Here are some other food trends to check out:

Top Side Dishes

  1. Cajun fries (+630%)
  2. Red beans and rice (+612%)
  3. Corn chowder (+603%)

Top Desserts

  1. Chocolate french silk pie (+698%)
  2. Cinnamon apple pie (+584%)
  3. Frozen custard (+486%)

Top Late-Night Eats

  1. Pizza puff (+294%)
  2. Strawberry cheesecake (+269%)
  3. Buffalo chicken pizza (+244%)

Check out more listsHERE.


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