Things To Do & Not Do So You Won’t Be Hated At The Beach

There’s a good bet a lot of people will be hitting the beach this weekend, and for many weekends to come this summer. And while for some there are few things better than a great beach day, that day could be dampened by the behavior of other beachgoers.

We’ve all experienced those people who ruin a beach day, and if you don’t want to be one of them, here are some things you should do and not do when sharing the beach with others.

  • Continue to practice social distancing– While it may no longer be required, and is sometimes hard to do on a packed beach, some beachgoers say they wish the six-feet apart rule would continue.
  • Pick up your trash– You’re bound to have a lot of garbage after your day at the beach and you should be responsible for it. If you bring it, you should take it away.
  • Don’t feed the seagulls– Seagulls aren’t the friendliest of birds and if you feed them they won’t go away.
  • Don’t smoke on the beach– Nobody wants their beautiful beach air ruined by your smoking habit. If you must smoke leave the beach. And if you do smoke, remember not to leave your butts in the sand.
  • Be mindful of where you shake out your sand– Yes sand gets everywhere but remember there are people around you. If you’re going to shake out your towel, make sure not to do it down wind of the people around you or else you’ll make some enemies.
  • Do not play loud music– Sure it’s fun to listen to some great tunes at the beach but remember not everyone is going to share your taste in music so be mindful of that volume. Plus, some folks would rather listen to the ocean than your favorite bop.
  • Fill holes dug in the sand– Yes it’s fun for kids to dig holes in the sand, but nobody wants to twist an ankle falling in one. When you’re kids are done playing, make sure those holes are filled. 

Source:USA Today

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