These Are The Perks We Really Want From A Job

Employers often try and attract new workers with promises of fun perks, like free lunch or happy hours, but it’s pretty apparent that for most people, they’re more interested in practical benefits. A new survey commissioned byVida Healthand reported by OnePoll finds:

  • Most employees aren’t looking for fun perks from a job.
  • 66% of folks say health benefits are the most important non-salary related factor they consider when looking at a job.
  • 42% saying lack of health benefits is a job deal breaker.
  • 53% of employees say they’ve even stayed at an unsatisfying job just because of the health benefits.
  • But health insurance isn’t the only benefit workers are looking for. Others include:
    • Paid time off (PTO) (57%)
    • Retirement savings (ex. 401k plans) (41%)
    • Dental/Vision insurance (39%)
    • Life insurance (37%)

And all those extra perks may not be as attractive as employers think they are.

  • In fact, 62% of employees say a job listing that describes, “how fun it is to” work at the company is a huge “red flag.”
  • 53% say perks like ping pong tables and in-house coffee shops are also red flags.

Source:SWNS Digital

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