The Best And Worst Ways To Cope With Ghosting

It would be amazing if ghosting went away forever but since that’s not ever going to happen, the best thing single folks can do out there is to prepare for the inevitable. Here are some research-backed tips on how to get ghosted and not feel like total crap.

  • Move On. Easier said than done but one of the best things you can do when you get ghosted is to stay focused on the future and slide on to the next one.
  • Accepting The Relationship Loss. Tell yourself that this is just what happens in modern dating, that’s it not just you, and then pivot.
  • Distract Yourself. If you can’t seem to get this ghost out of your head, concentrate on something else. Research shows listening to music, exercising, or literally “choosing to ignore reality” can help.
  • Find A New Relationship. If you feel up to finding a new match on Tinder, pursuing intimacy has been shown to help people that have been ghosted. If you’re not feeling up to it, no worries, try to get in contact with your friends or renew an old one. Either way, talking to other people will help you take the focus off the ghost that’s haunting you.

Studies have also found what does not work at all when you’re ghosted and as you probably guessed, they’re mostly centered on thinking about the person ignoring you. Which means stop stalking them on social media, stop trying to stalk them IRL, and stop messaging them. Don’t waste another second on them!

Source:Psychology Today

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