Super Effective Ways To Shake Off Nerves Before A First Date

Dating was nerve-wracking before 2020 but now that the lockdown has many singles has made many singles forget how to communicate like a human, the nervous energy is through the roof. But no worries! Here are a few expert-approved ways to bring down your anxiety before a hot date.

  • Claim The Home-Field Advantage. Don’t your first date as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Keep all up in your comfort zone and plan to have it somewhere you know well. Therapist Lauren Freier has also found it helps some people to go check out the location in advance if they aren’t in charge of planning the date. At least look up the menu online before you go.
  • Give Yourself A Buffer Before Your Date. Matchmaking expert Maria Avgitidis says “you should not be going from the office to the date venue, because we sometimes keep our work persona on, and the date can easily turn into an interview.” Make sure you give yourself at least 20 minutes before your date to decompress from the last thing you had to do.Just don’t spend that time overthinking what you’re about to say.
  • Hit The Gym For A Pre-Date Workout. When in doubt, sweat it out. Celebrity matchmaker Rachel Federoff says “going to the gym before your date can be a great way to work out those nerves [if] you make sure you do it early so you have plenty of time to shower and look your best.” The endorphin kick will have you feeling like your best self and having your muscles looking a little more swoll than usual isn’t a bad touch either.

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Source:Elite Daily

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